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Tie Down Engineering 9.6" G5 Series Integral Disc Brake Assembly - 5 on 4 1/2" - Stainless Steel Rotor

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Item # 82091
Number of Bolts: 5
Brake Manufacturer: Tie Down Engineering
Manufacturer Product #: 82091

Additional Information

Product Features


This kit by Tie Down Engineering comes with all components necessary to outfit one wheel with a disc brake system. The integral one piece rotor/hub unit will provide enhanced corrosion protection for coastal customers via a stainless steel rotor and a cast aluminum caliper.


Product Features:

  • Universal (left or right)
  • Pre-assembled with races, bearings, and grease seal installed
  • Pre-greased with Lucas Red 'N' Tacky grease
  • Integral hub/rotor combination
  • Stainless steel rotor provides the very best protection against fresh water and salt water environments
  • Galv-X coated hub
  • Aluminum alloy a380 calipers dissipate heat up to five times faster than standard cast iron calipers and have an E-coat finish to protect from salt buildup
  • Slim caliper design permits short axle overhangs and faster cooling
  • Automotive quality floating ceramic brake pads have stainless steel backing plates for corrosion resistance
  • Ceramic pad material provides a quieter, smoother stop and makes the rotors last much longer
  •  Bi-metal piston sheds braking heat five times faster than one piece stainless pistons through the combination of a stainless steel outer jacket and an anodized aluminum inner sleeve
  • Stainless steel outer jacket is designed to not corrode or rust when exposed to road salt or saltwater
  • Over sized rubber boot is 50% thicker by design and for positive piston withdrawal
  • Non-corrodable oil impregnated bronze bushings last longer and work with corrosion resistant stainless steel caliper slider pins to provide smooth sliding
  • Hex head design of the slider pins allows for quick removal to make servicing the brakes easier
  • Type 304 stainless steel bleeder valves with Teflon coating allow for easy bleeding of the brake system
  • A rotating swivel brake line connector allows easy positioning of the brake hose for your particular trailer applications
  • Square O-ring with slant edge helps retract the piston away from the rotor when brake fluid pressure is release providing better protection from contaminates entering the brake fluid
  • Grease cap with rubber plug permits easy access to axles with zerk fittings for re-greasing
  • Fine thread slider pins
  • Triple lipped grease seal gives keeps the grease in the rotor and the water out


NOTE: Tie Down disc brakes cannot be used with any electric-over-hydraulic actuators that produce more than 1,000 PSI.


Product Specifications:

  • Rotor Diameter: 9.6"
  • Inner Bearing: 68149 (1 3/8")
  • Outer Bearing: 44646 (1 1/16")
  • Seal Inner Diameter: 1.72"
  • Caliper: 46910
  • Mounting Bracket: 44687
  • Axle Rating: 3,500 lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4 1/2"
  • Wheel Size: *13" and up
  • Useable Stud Length: 1.32"


* - Will not be accepted on 13" aluminum rims and some 14" aluminum rims



  • (1) Stainless steel rotor with GalvX hub
  • (1) Caliper
  • (1) Pair Brake Pads
  • (2) Slider pins
  • (1) Grease Seal
  • (1) Inner Bearing
  • (1) Outer bearing
  • (1) Grease Cap with Rubber Plug
  • (1) Swivel Brake Line Connector (attached to caliper)
  • (1) Mounting Bracket
  • (5) 1/2" Lug Nuts
  • Flange mounting hardware


NOTE: Pads must be replaced when 3/32" (.094") or less of the pad friction material is left.


Tie Down Engineering/Dexter Marine of Georgia Part Number: 82091


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